SaD, Mess, Overtime, Red Hrrng [UPSTAIRS] Black Heart Breakers (Sydney), The Credits, The Attention Seekers, You Legends [BANDROOM] Nothinge, Michael Mildren, Aarti Jadu [FRONT BAR]


8:00 pmThursday, 20 June 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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10:30 SaD - Simona Castricum and Daphne Camf (NO ZU). Together they pay romantic homage to minimal wave through crooning lamentations and danceable vulnerability

9:40 Mess - New(ish) moody/heavy/catchy post-punk band w/ members of Blood Moon, Adore & The Dorks

8:50 Overtime - Bloody loud and bloody noisy 3 piece preparing to to release a bloody record soon

8:00 Red Hrrng - The solo moniker of Agnes Whalan of Hexdebt, featuring Isobel D'Cruz (of Hexdebt) on flute, crossing over into an electronic & exploratory dimension of beautifully layered sounds that seem to inhabit the natural surroundings of an alternate world

7:30 $8 entry (contact Mess if money is an issue)


Black Heart Breakers have been gathering a storm down here in Melbourne as of lately and are stoked announce their first ever show at the THE TOTE! Driving down from Sydney, the quartet will bring the best in punk, pub rock and maybe a little reggae. The Music had this to say while supporting Flogging Molly on their latest AU tour "took charge of the Metro...beers were flowing, feet stomping and heads nodding"


On the back end of releasing its fourth studio album “The Passage Of The Obscurantist", Nothinge will be arranging a month of predominantly electronic artists, no wave, new wave, psychedelic pop, poets, performing artists for June (2019). 

Nothinge has been long standing on the fringes of the art-world, and music landscapes of Melbourne and Montreal since 2012. It has performed with Pop. 1280 (Sacred Bones), Delicate Steve (Luaka Bop, Anti-), Co/ntry (Simone), Matthew Duffy, Beaver Sheppard and Bernardino Femminielli. It has worked in various ways with Pierre Guerineau (Essaie Pas), Jesse-Osborne Lanthier (Halcyon Viel), Cosi é Cosi, Corpusse and Ylang Ylang.

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