Ryan Oliver - Single Launch with Special Guests (UPSTAIRS) Niine - Debut EP Launch, Electric Toothbrush & Bastard Amber (BANDROOM)


7:00 pmThursday, 16 August 2018



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Contrary to his melancholic and realistic approach, Ryan Oliver is an optimistic artist; a free spirited, endearing natured deep thinker contrasted by an element of Aussie cheek. The light and shade you experience in his world is indicative of the planet around, representing the harsh reality of the state of society and the complexities of everyday relationships, all taken with a grain of salt. Sonically, Ryan intertwines honest melody with spacious atmospheres, whilst maintaining a rootsy and earthy foundation. Not Having You is the debut single from former Oliver’s Army frontman and multi- instrumentalist.

Niine, the idiosyncratic ball of quirky goodness is putting on a huge party at The Gasometer Hotel to celebrate the release of her two well received singles Call Me Your Boo and Only He Knows.  As the world’s first avant-guard avalanche pop artist, she brings a completely new sound to the music scene. Her abstract view of the pop world and discrete punk attitude is delivering exactly what the pop music scene craves.  Niine's live performances have been described as rapturous and captivating; Niine has a four-piece band for live shows, and it’s here that we are exposed to the depth of Niine's beat, vocal and synth heavy creations. 

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