Robin Thomas Full Hour - Melbourne’s Number One Live Talk Show


8:30 pmFriday, 4 November 2022



7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick

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Full Hour is Melbourne's number one Live Talk Show.

It's live on stage and filmed

for camera.

Let Full Hour take you on a degustation of Melbourne's arts and culture scene. Come

as a group and secure yourself a booth or a table, order a beer and a burger, be on

your phone and heckle the Full Hour gang if you like. Point to a better Live Talk

Show and let's have the argument. There are none!

Melbourne has other:

- live music gigs

- stand up comedy rooms

- talent shows

- live podcasts

But only the Full Hour combines it all on one stage.

Full Hour is hosted by Robin Thomas, sidekick/barista Nat, Announcer guy/camera

man Jack and the Full hour house band Alex Mansell and the DMTeasers.

Be respectful to the artists and have a great night out

18+ advisory rating.

VENUE : Howler

DATE : Friday 4th November

DOORS: 8:00


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