Resin Moon - Single Launch, Josh The Cat


7:30 pmThursday, 20 December 2018


The new Cherry Bar

68 Little Collins St, Melbourne

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Alice Springs based producer/multi-instrumentalist Resin Moon has been busy in the studio since winning the NT Song of the Year and self-releasing his debut EP Salt, which had over a million streams on Apple Music and Spotify.
'Nothing To See' sees Resin Moon, who's real name is Dave Crowe, moving deeper into the lush, experimental alt-pop he has been celebrated for. "It's a song about escaping reality with someone you love, and realising that reality is only a thin layer of ice we skate on, while often ignoring the deeper stuff going on underneath. It's got that kind of white disco/funk thing going, but I embraced it", said Dave.

Resin Moon's lush falsetto vocals glide through the track, which is offset beautifully by layers of tape-loop synths and intricately placed de-tuned drums. He will launch the single at two very special live shows in Alice Springs and at Boney, Melbourne.
Resin Moon will be supported by Josh The Cat: Dreamy yet pop, gentle yet bold, ambitious yet authentic, his music is defined by his sincere, disarming voice and his sharp production, which can best be described as Josh-Pop. His fascination with music began as a kid avidly glued to David Bowie in Labyrinth, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and immersed in The Beatles CD box set, all of which inspired him to see music as a boundless medium of stories, fears and triumphs, in which his heroes were beyond this world--yet all the more human for it. Seeking a chance to reinvent himself in the likeness of his idols, Teicher chose to dissolve himself in the cultural epicentre of Berlin, where he lived for 5 years. By throwing himself into work on the records of other artists, he learned the craft of production, and became seriously road-ready as a touring guitarist playing all over Europe in the DIY folk-pop scene. Thus, Josh The Cat was born. To mark the occasion he quietly released the song 'Let's Start'.

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