Ragtime Sunset Sessions: Woodwork


5:00 pmSunday, 28 March 2021


Ragtime Tavern

206 Tyler Street, Preston 3072

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Sunday Sunset Sessions filled with music, drinks and an inviting atmosphere, creating sweet music to send into the summer sunset evenings.

This week will be led by Woodwork, a local raucus jazz band, with high energy, Jazz, blues, bossa, ballads, swing and Originals.

I welcome musos to bring thier horn, their voice and thier fingers; Inviting players to tag in on the piano, or sing/blow a tune or two.. you will be encouraged to have a go!!

I want to create a regular session with a welcoming atmosphere where muso's can get together, play tunes and meet other likeminded musos.

Oscar, Your Piano Bartender

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