Pub Choir


7:00 pmWednesday, 15 February 2023


Forum Melbourne

154 Flinders St, Melbourne

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Pub Choir is coming to Melbourne in a big way in 2023 and we want everybody with a mouth to know!

Lauded by the likes of Kate Bush and Mariah Carey (these are actual true things), Pub Choir is a musical phenomenon that has to be experienced to be believed. Be part of the magic as a crowd of total strangers are transformed into an epic choir at every show. Are you a terrible singer? We believe you. Does it matter? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Come and join the world's most low-key music lesson and be guided to singing glory by Astrid Jorgensen, her powerpoint slideshows, and her team of happy Pub Choir weirdos.

Riding off the back of their national TV show (Australia's Biggest Singalong), and a 2022 filled with sold-out performances across Australia, Pub Choir want to visit Melbourne a little more regularly, and they want you to be there! Come and see what all the fuss is about! Pub Choir has helped - literally - hundreds of thousands of terrible singers have a lovely time together, and you are no exception. So grab a ticket, tell your mates, and meet us at the pub (The Forum!).

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