Pub Choir


Starts 7:30 pm, 24 August 2022Ends11:45 pm, 25 August 2022


Esplanade Hotel

11 The Esplanade, St Kilda

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Melbourne, you've really been through it these last few years, and it's time to treat yourself! Pub Choir has been frothing to return to you (metaphorically, we will bring absolutely no spittle with us) and the time has come to SING TOGETHER. Come and join the most joyful, low-pressure, mildly chaotic evening and let's make something beautiful! You never know what will happen or who will show up at a Pub Choir show (this is not a threat). But we DO know it's gonna feel so cathartic. It'll probably change your life, no big deal! We've truly missed you.

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