Psych Fest feat: The Kids Next Door, The Bitter Vics, Andreas S Jensen, Twinkle Digitz


7:00 pmFriday, 17 February


Cactus Room

614 High St, Thornbury

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A mini mind-altering psych melding of some of our favourite artists!


A 4-piece rock band. Moving from crooning country ballads to fast-paced, fuzzed out rock riffs.

THE BITTER VICS Drawing on influences from 1950s rock, country, voodoo, surf and punk,

the Bitter Vics are a high energy band who can fill any dance floor - a

new sound with a nod to the past and all that is good about rock‘n’roll.

ANDREAS S. JENSEN is on his first solo Australian for 6 weeks from 8 January to 18 February 2022.

Andreas’ solo debut album “Disturbed” was supported by BBC Radio 6 and many other radio stations and received great reviews. On the back of the album Andreas toured solo in the UK, US, Germany, New Zealand and Denmark.


Electro-pop maestro TWINKLE DIGITZ (Will Hindmarsh to his pals returns to flourish his appendages, in the electro-pop/rock maestro's first live appearance for a while. Enjoy mind expanding grooves in the deluxe surrounds of Cactus!

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