Proto Moro Mini-Residency, Tarabeat + Benzo Baby


6:30 pmMonday, 17 June 2019


Retreat Hotel

280 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Huge psych jazz tunes from Melbourne's most ghoul-wave band, Proto Moro, for 2 nights of JUNE!! Both nights are free and fantastic! WAHOO!



Benzo Baby

Tarabeat - an ensemble - or takhet - of musicians that draws heavily from the traditions of classical Middle Eastern music. Relying extensively on Middle Eastern scales - maqams - and rhythms for their compositions, the group seeks to build off of a long and rich history of regional Tarab music. Keen as for these dudes.

Benzo Baby - Psych Indie Death Infant Rock. This music will scare you and make you rip your eyes out, in the most joyous of ways of course.

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