Profondo Halloween feat: Chris “Bonesaw” Bonato, Dark Arks, Dave “Phantasm” Mack, Richard Skellyton, Level 20, Mage, Jess Sneddon, Jimmy Veins, Frankensteric, “Ethereal” Emelyne, K Spook


8:00 pmFriday, 1 November 2019


The Toff

2nd Floor Curtin House 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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Profondo presents a night of ghastly horror in the crypt-like ambience of the Toff in Town carriage

Our bar-staff will rise from their tombs to serve you embalming fluid while our legion of ghostly selectors will play their records backwards and summon dancing demons from beyond the rave.

More than enough to keep you going until the sun rises and you are consumed in a ball of hellfire.

Featuring scarily good selectors:

Chris “Bonesaw” Bonato

Dark Arks

Dave “Phantasm” Mack

Richard Skellyton

Level 20 Mage Jess Sneddon

Jimmy Veins


“Ethereal” Emelyne

K Spook

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