Primitive Calculators, Keith Fullerton, Whitman - Resident Artist: Asuka Watanabe (Bandroom)


6:00 pmTuesday, 28 August 2018



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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To celebrate the launch of their label Thin Visitor, Concentration invites you to the world’s inaugural concept residency: 4 completely different sets in 4 weeks. And to help with the herculean task an all-star cast of musicians, artists, designers and scent-makers will be throwing their hat in the ring with their own interpretations of each channel. 

Not just a residency, but a celebration of this city’s prime real estate and one last hurrah before Thrush returns to her native Germany and Concentration reverts back to the mediocre doldrums of two noisy blokes. It’s going to be a fucking jamboree. 

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