Planète Live Stream #3 (Ambient Broadcast)


5:00 pmSunday, 23 August 2020

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Change of pace here. I have found that during these past few months that it has been very important, more than ever, to really switch off, unwind and get a break from the day to day noise.

Making the music that I will deliver in this stream has been a beneficial process for me creatively and for my general well being too.

For stream 3, I will be doing an ambient broadcast of field recordings, found sounds and ambient soundscapes with some dub and minimal offerings. (don't expect any kick drums, soz)

I have titled this as a "broadcast" just because I will not be in view as per the last couple of sets. It will just be a soundtracking of a video I will put together. Fhe focus is to be on the music rather than watching me perform it.

Tune in and turn off.

Stay safe.