Planet of the 8s ‘Raised By Night’ single launch, High As Hell, Astrofuzz, Scarnon


7:30 pmFriday, 22 July 2022


Bendigo Hotel

125 Johnston Street, Collingwood

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Desert/stoner rock outfit Planet of the 8s are celebrating the launch of their new single ‘Raised By Night’ from the forthcoming split LP with Duneeater ‘Turned To Stone Chapter 5’ (Ripple Music) due for release 5 August.

Notorious for heavy grooves, an atmosphere in motion, Planet of the 8s deliver a wall-of-sound so thick it’s visible from space.

The crowd releases their hold as the band descends into a meditative state, drilling deep into the core.

Everyone is together.

The music lives in the heavy psychedelic branch of The Riff Tree, taking bedrock influences like Kyuss, Tool and early-QOTSA, and exploring fresher offshoots cultivated by acts like Lowrider, Elephant Tree and All Them Witches.

Supporting on the night with high octane stoner metal will be High As Hell, Astrofuzz’s monolithic doom showdown and wildcard chaos agents Scarnon.

Looks like the Bendi is set for yet another epic night of riffs, spliffs and good times.


Raised By Night Single Launch

Turned To Stone Chapter 5 - Duneeater & Planet of the 8s - 12” Split LP Presales

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