Pinko Collective (arvo) The Dusty Sessions feat: Emmanuel Cancino (solo), Chloë V, Monk Inferno (Solo) (evening)


3:00 pmSaturday, 11 December 2021


Bar 303

303 High St, Northcote

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Pinko is back!

Saturday afternoon session at 303 High Street, Northcote.

Pinko Collective is an group for musicians from Northcote, Thornbury and surrounding suburbs to perform original songs and covers in a supportive environment. It's about community!

If you're local and would like to come play three songs on a mixed lineup, please email us at


Emmanuel Cancino (solo)
Turn the lights down low and pour yourself a glass of wine to perfectly accompany the sultry, moody, and grooving sonic landscape of Emmanuel Cancino. Producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Emmanuel blends funk, RnB and soul into something you can’t help but dance along to. Introspective lyrics about love, spirituality, and philosophy combined with funky basslines, cheeky guitar riffs, and a gravelly voice just might make you believe in love again.

Chloë V
Prepare to be mesmerised by the pure emotion evoked by Chloe V. An amazing guitarist and songwriter with a voice like heaven, Chloe can take you on journeys you never even knew you needed to take. Her raw and powerful vocals and lyrics transfix audiences, and the intention she puts into every word, and every strum of her guitar, will leave an impression on you that you won’t soon forget.

Monk Inferno (Solo)
Hazy, lazy, and nostalgic with just the right amount of groove, Monk Inferno explores love, loss and sentimentality. Silky smooth guitar, and an even silkier voice Idan (the brainchild of Monk Inferno) masterfully mixes RnB, funk and psychedelic vibes with the most chill and reflective songwriting into something romantic, nostalgic and dreamy.

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