Picket Palace // Hideous Sun Demon // Delivery


7:00 pmFriday, 21 May 2021


Leadbeater Hotel

1 Church street Richmond

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Loosen your boots, kiddies. Fresh from their sold out post-lockdown comeback show at the Tote, and bearing a piping hot tray of fresh baked new material, PICKET PALACE are stoked to finally get to sink their teeth into the freshly refurbished bandroom of Richmond's Leadbeater Hotel. You will officially be a goose if you miss it.

Joining them will be Perth's livest and loudest HIDEOUS SUN DEMON - squeezing us all into into their hectic touring schedule off the back of their recent single Squitter for an evening of something dangerously raucous - and an opening set from the brand spanking new we're-just-gonna-call-it-a-supergroup DELIVERY (featuring members of The Vacant Smiles, Gutter Girls, Kosmetika, the Fillmores, Blonde Revolver, Future Suck... and probably the Kelly Gang, the Knights Templar and the Indian national cricket team. Just everyone.)

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