Phil Day Solo, Ben Carr Trio, Tom Fryer Band


7:00 pmWednesday, 19 May 2021


Bar 303

303 High St, Northcote

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7 pm

Phil Day Solo

Phil is a trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist. He has worked as a performer, recording artist and composer/arranger for numerous artists and bands. In exploring the development of a unique and dynamic style he has become fascinated with body mechanics and their role in sound production.

Phil Day - trumpet and knee clackers

8 pm

Ben Carr Trio

The current set draws from Jazz, the Baroque period, Chromaticism and Cross Pulses. All compositions are by the ensemble with exception to Bach’s Partita No.1 which has been re-harmonised to suit a trio of Saxophone, Bass and Drums. Chromaticism and Cross Pulses are brought to life with a heavy rock like sound, subtly similar to the music of Steve Coleman.

Ben Carr – sax |Tom Lee – bass |Phil Collins - drums

9 pm

Tom Fryer Band

The Tom Fryer Band returns to 303 with an eclectic blend of World/Jazz influences.

Tom Fryer- fretless/fretted guitar | Phil Day – trumpet |

Adrian Sherriff – keys | Nick Delaney – bass | Ryan Menezes - drums

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