Peter Pichler


7:00 pmWednesday, 17 April 2019


The Toff

2nd Floor Curtin House 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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Peter Pichler a German musician based in Munich, is the only touring artist in the world performing live on this forefather of synths. For the first time since it was invented, the eerie and wonderfully warm music of the TRAUTONIUM, one of the world's first electronic musical instruments, will be heard live in concert outside of Europe.

At the Toff in Town, Peter's personal history in punk and avant-garde pop music will merge with the extraordinary sounds of the TRAUTONIUM. He catapults this original synth (which had great impact in the development of techno in the 1950s) into the modern music world and fills the evening with modern electronic, yet incredibly warm and mournful, handmade music that you have never experienced before.

See, hear and dance to the TRAUTONIUM at the Toff in Town on 17th April 2019.

Peter is working in various different artistic genres. Since the age of 14 he has used music to express his feelings and values. He founded the Munich punk band "CONDOM" which in 1980 lead to his arrest and the ban of the first single due to "unacceptable" lyrics against the ruling politicians of Bavaria at that time.

His next musical project - the avant-garde pop band NO GOODS - very successfully toured Europe in the 1990s.

Peter studied classical guitar and renaissance lute and has been booked as a composer, musical director and musician for a multitude of theatre productions. He also develops and performs musical theatre pieces himself.

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