Perch Creek, The Finks, Girlatones


6:00 pmFriday, 7 December 2018


Thornbury Bowls Club

27 Ballantyne St Thornbury

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Perch Creek are our Melbourne-based international touring act who write and perform harmony driven modern pop/folk music with a creative energy and fearless spirit. They combine five-part vocal harmonies with folk, pop, roots and rock musical styles, all threaded together by the band’s unique five-way collaborative song-writing - a coalescence of lyrics, music and arrangement, drawing on the creative strengths of each band member and the clarity of the group's vision...

Girlatones play their unique fresh brand of Garage-Pop music and are playful, cheerful, bouncy, sentimental ... "Leah gave Jesse a couple of singing lessons which started Jesse on a songwriting journey when he tired of learning to sing other people's songs. Jesse's songs needed a home and thus Girlatones was born. Tam, an old friend of Leah's joined to play bass soon after. Fabian, who now plays drums, recorded and played parts on the bands first EP. "What's It All About?" is a favourite song..

The Finks style of music is Wordy and wordless...
Songs of Oliver Mestitz are sincere but flippant, intimate but aloof, thoughtful but careless. Oliver records everything in his Melbourne home, mostly alone, layering instrument upon instrument and mixing each song straight to tape.
The Finks have been with Milk! Records since 2012. Their album Rolly Nice (2018) is a handful of objects, an album of contrasts. It includes sketches for solo piano, a guitar-led instrumental (‘La chose’) and a monologue set to music (‘Charlie’s manifesto’). Lyrically, ‘Thankful’ and ‘Peter out’ have the brevity of poems, while ‘Body language’ and ‘When what changed us changed us’ take on the complexity and intimacy of other lives lived.

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