Pearl Bay, Crash Material, Heart Beach [FRONT BAR] Robot Love, Black Snake Whip, Norwood [UPSTAIRS] Birdstriking (China), Mote, Spawn


8:00 pmSunday, 20 October 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Robot Love are bringing their dance rock vibes to the Tote For the first time! Joined by Black Snake Whip and Norwood, you don’t want to miss this lineup, and amazingly, you get to save your pocket money because entry is FREEEEEEE 💰💰💰


Birdstriking are one of the pioneers of the current Chinese Underground scene. Formed in 2009 in Beijing, the band quickly gained a reputation as one of the best bands on the Beijing scene with their frenetic shows, combining the noise and energy of punk rock, with a sophisticated melodic sensibility that weaves simple, precise guitar hooks into intricate sonic tapestries.

Their performances are like a rollercoaster ride moving from punk anthems, to soaring guitar workouts to psychedelic meltdowns. Anyone who was lucky enough to have seen their show at the Tote back in February 2017 will attest that they are a truly spectacular live band.

Since then the band have released a second album Holey Brain, and completed their first headline tour of the UK while graduating to the festival circuit in their native China.

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