Pacing The Cage, AK47, Analogue Hope, The Hot Cousins


8:00 pm-11:30 pmThursday, 27 February 2020



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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The Tote (Upstairs)


Pacing The Cage

“Pacing The Cage meld elements of prog, psych, and straight up rock n’ roll to deliver a huge sound that belongs entirely to themselves.“ - HAPPY MAG

Blasting out of the speakers with herculean riffs and razor sharp vocal hooks, Melbourne Alt. Rock band Pacing The Cage, is like a case of hand grenades with their pins pulled out.


AK47 Music 'Australia'

AK47 Music is Melbourne based Hard Rock band, a bass player from Nepalese mainstream hard rock band The Shadows 'Nepal' and Dion 'DizzBeats' Sclarr drummer/producer/beatboxer from Australia.

With a powerful blend of only two musical instruments AK47 Music aims to take musical talent to international market.


Analogue Hope

"If Taking Back Sunday and Hot Water Music had a baby... Analogue Hope bring a unique flavour to the world of pop-punk, with their hard-rock riffs and throwback sound influenced by early 2000's punk/rock bands."


The Hot Cousins

“Described as “Listenable grunge” and “Dripping with roadhouse sex”. The Hot Cousins combine heavy riffs and grooves with thundering rhythms to create their own blend of dirty rock. Originally hailing from the foggy hills of the Otways, the band now splits their time between there and Melbourne with plans to release more music later in the year.”

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