Our Carlson/Screensaver/Laughing Gear/Expo


8:00 pmSaturday, 11 December 2021



136 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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Expo kick off the night with some super-charged garage-rock, guaranteed to get the blood


Listen: https://rubenriley.bandcamp.com/album/nystagmus

New synth punk kids on the block with a ripping debut hot off the press. Laughing Gear are all snarls and saw tooth synthesizers.

Listen: https://laughinggear.bandcamp.com/album/freak-lemons

Fresh off a winter sabbatical screensaver bring their moody post punk x melodic new wave back to the stage. Road testing new tracks from their upcoming debut record out this spring.

Listen: https://screensaver.bandcamp.com/

Worship (and dance) at the altar of the new cultural critic, he’s your Carlson, he’s Our Carlson, he’s the people’s Carlson.

Listen: https://ourcarlson.bandcamp.com/

$15 bucks, get down and pay up ya cappo dogs. If ya know ya know.

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