Ooga Boogas, H.R. [FRONT BAR] CJ Ramone [BANDROOM] Barely Conscious, Stamp, Metdog, Polite Skeletons [UPSTAIRS]


7:00 pmSunday, 22 September 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Starting on Father's day at the Dad-friendly time of 5pm, Ooga Boogas will be pulling up our bar stools and gently massaging some relaxed grooves in the confines of The Tote's front bar. We've carefully chosen very chilled friends to join us over the five weekends.

Sun 1 Sept - The Opals

Sun 8 Sept - Alex Macfarlane

Sun 15 Sept - Callan

Sun 22 Sept - H.R.

Sun 29 Sept - J. McFarlane's Reality Guest


CJ RAMONE, fresh from headlining this years’ annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, takes the baseball bat to Australian venues this September. One of the last few surviving punk rockers blessed with famous Ramones sobriquet (and the only who wasn’t behind the drumkit), CJ is bringing his killer band of cretins for a guitar crushing session of psycho therapy!


Word around town is that an alien escaped area 51 and is heading straight for the tote on September 22nd. Come catch Barely Conscious, Stamp, Metdog and Polite Skeletons at The Tote for this unmissable extraterrestrial once in a lifetime showdown! 

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