Ollie Olsen, Andrew Duffield and Bill McDonald


2:30 pm-5:30 pmSunday, 5 December 2021


The Toff

2nd Floor Curtin House 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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Ollie, Andrew and Bill’s friendship began at secondary school in Kew, in a fourth form class where they shared an interest in popular music on the fringe. It was not in their scope to imagine that 47 years later they would still be actively performing, writing and recording music.Diverse careers evolved - Andrew has played in the ARIA Hall of Fame band, Models, for over 42 years. Bill played in Melbourne band, Frente, later bands including Stephen Cummings, and now, Paul Kelly.

Ollie, long considered at the forefront of the Melbourne punk and electronic music scenes, had an essential role in the early dance scene with both his music and his label, PsyHarmonics.

Careers intersected at various times - Andrew and Ollie in Melbourne’s early experimental music group, Whirlywirld, or later, Bill and Ollie in Max Q (a band started by Ollie and Michael Hutchence of INXS). More recently, Bill and Andrew performed together at a music festival where they shared a band room with the magician’s rabbit.

Ollie composed for film, including Dogs in Space and Head On, whilst Andrew composed the children’s series, Round the Twist. Bill has played with Neneh Cherry, David Chesworth, Philip Brophy amongst many others.

All have released solo albums.

Incredibly, it has taken until now for the three musicians to convene in one space to create and perform music that acknowledges their common love for experimental music. Join them for An Electronic Matinee supported by Darrow.

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