Ogopogo (arvo) Penny Ikinger & Mick Medew, ‘Best of RRR’s Warner Corner’ (evening)


2:30 pmSunday, 10 November 2019


Brunswick Ballroom

314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

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Ogopogo is a red hot beast, ready to conquer any dance floor in the vicinity with their energetic performance and radical music. Generating a new wave of chaotic mayhem in Melbourne you can expect brain-twisting rhythms, colourful melodies and lustrous harmonies that leave you in a state of complete joy and wonderment.

Expect dancing, laughing and all round good times with this eclectic 7-piece. Be ready to stir into the musical cooking pot a combination of disco, surf rock, experimental, jazz and groove. With members from local bands such as: 'TEK TEK Ensemble', 'The Teskey Brothers', 'The Barons of Tang', 'Koi Kingdom' and '8foot felix' one can only imagine what happens when this beast hits the stage!

Ogopogo have blown their horns at such festivals as Rainbow Serpent, White Night, Sydney Road Street Festival and many more.


For more than 20 years, Dan Warner’s segment ‘Warner Corner’ has been a part of Jonnie von Goes’ rambling Sunday arvo show on RRR, ‘The JVG Radio Method’. Each Sunday on the segment, according to Jon’s theme of the week, Dan has played a live song, often accompanied by some of Melbourne’s finest musicians. As it’s been 20 years, and as Dan has performed over 1000 songs on Warner Corner, it’s high time that Dan and his RRR cronies played some of their favourite selections from the segment to a live audience. So, appropriately, on Sunday 10th November at 6pm - and hosted by JVG - Dan Warner, Dave Evans, Ed Bates, Greg Field, Nathan Farrelly and surprise guests will perform a ‘Best of RRR’s Warner Corner’ gig live at the Spotted Mallard, 314 Sydney Road Brunswick. Oh Danny Boy!

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