ODETTE (Lotus Eaters Tour), Imbi the girl


Starts 7:30 pm, 27 March 2019Ends11:45 pm, 29 March 2019


The Corner

57 Swan Street, Richmond

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To discover Odette is to expose yourself to a musical landscape brimming with delicate yet compelling melodies, soul searching compositions with lyrical exploration touching on love and life and a whole lot more. To experience these songs live with her masterful band in tow is an experience that will grip and intrigue and then imbed itself in your musical psyche for some time to come…it’s not to be missed!

Odette has proven to be a genuine break out act this year with the release of her highly acclaimed debut album “To A Stranger”. The Lotus Eaters National Tour will see Odette play at some of Australia’s most iconic venue’s and only further establish this artist as one of the new and outstanding breed of musicians this country has delivered.

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