Ochre Trash (EP Launch), Folk Bitch Trio


7:00 pmThursday, 15 April 2021



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Ochre Trash’s debut single, ‘Home (Is Where The Couch Is)’, is light and gentle, yet strong and driven; it’s an experimentation in repetition and contrasting textures. Airy vocals and hypnotic acoustic guitars meet distorted drum machines and persistent drones — the result is a song which offers depth, sincerity, and intimacy, whilst still conjuring up a sense of remove and managing to elude capture. In ‘Home (Is Where The Couch Is)’, the experience of moving house becomes a vehicle for exploring themes of change, adjustment, and the dangers of comfort.

The song finds its home among two other works - Your Place To Keep & The Deer Run In Circles, shaping the mini EP ‘Your Place To Keep’. Together, these songs form ruminations on the home and its many meanings, and how the memories tied to the idea become ghost stories. A sense of unease paints the EP in eerie colours as its many characters adapt to new environments and an in flux sense of belonging. The songs were recorded throughout 2019 with producer Geoffrey O’Connor (of Crayon Fields).

Ochre Trash launches "Your Place To Keep" at the Gasometer on April 15 with special guests Folk Bitch Trio.

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