Nir Tsfaty, Graace


7:00 pmThursday, 11 July 2019


Wesley Anne

250 High Street, Northcote

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Israeli musician Nir Tsfaty has recently moved to Melbourne, introducing, for the first time to the Australian audience, music from his wide creative work.

Nir has been an active musician for the past decade - composer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, acting as a solo artist and as a leader of the two Alternative Rock / Pop bands Noria and Bell Always. During this time he has released, together with his bands, three studio albums and played dozens of shows across Israel, including InDnegev Festival and the iconic stage of Barby Tel Aviv.

Nir's music is often minimalist and atmospheric, influenced by British Alternative Rock and Minimalism in classical and electronic music. Nir will play songs from his recent album with Bell Always, 'Daylight Slowly Fades', together with songs from Noria and new, unreleased songs that he has written in Melbourne.


Australian songstress GRAACE has released her brand new single ‘Have Fun At Your Party’, out now through Sony Music Australia.

The release of ‘Have Fun At Your Party’ follows the tracks’ premiere this evening on triple j’s Good Nights with Bridget Hustwaite. Written by GRAACE and produced by Ian Franzino & Andrew Haas of AFTRHRS (Family Affair), ‘Have Fun At Your Party’ balances beautifully between organic pop and subtle electronic production.

GRAACE’s vulnerabilities are laid bare in her song writing, with her warm yet melancholy signature vocals highlighted in the anthemic chorus.

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