Ninajirachi + daine + Hearteyes + Cookii + Lonelyspeck + Banoffee (DJ set) + Perto (DJ set) + FOURA (DJ set) + Fresh Hex (DJ set) + miniskirt (DJ set) + harvest (DJ set)


7:00 pmThursday, 9 December 2021


Max Watts House of Music

125 Swanston St, Melbourne

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Introducing Coalesce, a record label and collective delivering electronic pop music with abrasive textures, slamming choruses, and vocal manipulation. Think music for people that fit in the Venn diagram crossover of rave-lovers and pop enthusiasts.

The Coalesce artists are boundary-pushers, forward-thinkers, and early adopters – entrenched deep in an internet subculture that’s birthed its own creative ecosystem. They’re waiting patiently in the underground, biding time before they take over the main stage.

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