Nightingale with Toyēr & Vynes [upstairs] Big Yawn with Premium Fantasy, Nina Buchanan and Otologic [bandroom]


7:30 pmSaturday, 28 May 2022



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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After a flourishing phase of finding his voice and consistently releasing music, including with household electronic Australian label 'etcetc.', Naarm/Melbourne based solo artist/producer Nightingale (Esmond Angeles) returns to the stage with a reimagined live show. Incorporating a live band, Nightingale will showcase his latest tracks including progressive-house flavoured 'Phantom' and piano-house inspired 'Vermillion' that have gained key playlisting, media coverage and national radio play on Triple J. This next phase marks a new chapter in Nightingale's journey as an emerging electronic act that continues to make his mark on the Australian electronic music scene.

Nightingale will be joined by key local electronic acts including euro-pop/electro-house producer Toyēr, who will return to the stage to perform their cinematic electro tracks, and up and coming producer Vynes will be delivering a dreamy DJ set.


Big Yawn combine electronics, samples and delays with live percussion - no sequences allowed, no backing tracks. Playing cuts from their 2020 debut LP No! (Research Records), as well as selections from 2020's South Preston Garage EP and last year's Pressure Acts EP (Heavy Machinery/Research Records), Big Yawn are excited to debut a raft of as yet unreleased tracks that continue to hone in on frenetic BPMs, heavy rhythms, syncopated samples and hi-intensity sub activity.

Premium Fantasy are a Melbourne-based duo comprising Zü Hunting and James Payne, who both operate keyboards, drum machines and various pedals to make their music. Their latest single “Hanging Garden/Silent Whip” is synth-heavy, nostalgia flavoured new-wave pop - think Wes Craven end credits soundtrack - not to be missed.

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