NEW WAVVES, Bribery + Steve Pan + Encrypter


8:00 pmWednesday, 30 October 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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ThisIsBribery and Fake//Passion presents NEW WAVVES: a new event night dedicated the weird and wild world of experimental electronic music. This event bridges the gap between aimless improvisation and structured song, dangerously creeping on the cutting edge of electronic music through the manipulation of hardware equipment, tape machines, and risky ingenuity. The first implementation of NEW WAVVES features a lineup of international and local artists, and is hosted at Bar Open, Fitzroy. The lineup consists of:


Bribery is a melbourne-based electronic glitch artist, who focuses on live-sampling, heavy vocal manipulation, and dark crunchy beats. Utilising a motley collection of samplers, drum machines, and effects devices, the performance is dynamic and exciting, often accompanied by experimental projections and visuals. Bribery’s performances have seen him travel the world playing in diverse destinations like Taiwan, India, USA, and South Korea.

Steve Pan

Steve Pan is a Chinese DJ, producer and live performer. He makes use of Dub ambient texture sound, cassette tape loop recording and different elements from Avant-garde, experimental, noise and more to form his own Music. Steve’s Style is a fusion between Hi-Art performances, live mixing, no input feedback, modular synthesizer and advanced DJing. In his live set, the audience will have a hypnotic, alternate reality experience deeply connected with his complex synthetic aesthetic.


Encrypter is a hardware-focused composer and producer of electronic music. His obsession with texture and processing recorded sound began when he was a weird teenager, capturing field recordings on his Walkman as fodder for creating garbled noisescapes through cheap guitar effects. Since these early days, he has released ambient, downtempo, industrial hardcore, glitched-up jungle, splittercore and a variety of unique takes on techno through his original works and remixes for the likes of Myler, Diarmaid O Meara and Weever. As a result of two burglaries and a stubborn refusal to back up his work, he has had to restart his entire creative practice twice in a decade which has led to his current focus on recording pieces live using hardware or unusual techniques like balanced feedback environments and pseudo-generative systems to capture a feeling of immediacy and energy. This style became the basis for founding the SEQARP label with fellow Irish oscillator junkie, Ikeaboy. 2019 has seen Encrypter splitting his time between releasing through SEQARP and running events as part of the breakbeat techno collective, Rhythmic Shift.

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