Nembutolik, Asbestocide, Miserable Creature, Hormagaunt and Shredder plus... Forklift Assassins - Single Launch, Nuremberg Code and You Legends


7:00 pmSaturday, 17 July 2021



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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A brutal as fxck bill curated by Nembutolik as a fundraiser for their debut Album. Nembutolik are gaining a cult following throughout Melbourne and definitely not to be missed! Appearing with: Asbestocide (First Show), Miserable Creature, Hormagaunt and Shredder

Forklift Assassins are launching their new single Members of a Doomsday Cult. Join us and "family" members Nuremberg Code and You legends as we celebrate the end of days. If you live through this, you just didn't go hard enough.

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