Murder Rats "Flogging A Dead Rat" EP Launch, The Shorts, Saint Killed Her, The Raccoons, Dear Thieves, Day Dreamers, Deathbeat


8:00 pmSaturday, 14 December 2019


Bombay Rock

303 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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MURDER RATS... are a four piece Punk Rock Psychobilly band from Melbourne, Australia.

Formed in 2007 by the legendary rhythm section of Trevor and Phil Grinder (Corpse Grinders, Band Who Shot Liberty Valance, Intoxica), and some snotty brat called Ash who would hassle them at gigs

12 Years on, Trevor and Ash are joined by Dennis on Guitar (we've had him for about 8 years if you haven't noticed yet) and Tim on Drums (Area-7) and are making the tightest, heaviest racket they have in years.

Wearing influences from both sides of Punk and 'Billy fence on their sleeves, sandwiched in between heavy hitting originals you will find stomping versions of punk classics from GBH, Rezillos and Johnny Thunders done in their own inimitable way... You might even get the odd 70's pop number for good measure.

Staying true to both form and name, you will find themes ranging from Cars to Rats to Murder and back gain in a standard Murder Rats set, but its anything but a joke... A Murder Rats show is an assault to both the senses and sensibilities and is guaranteed to illicit a reaction.

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