Morbid Mondays: Vexation + Choof


8:00 pmMonday, 6 June 2022


Old Bar

74 - 76 Johnston St, Collingwood 3066

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Formed in 2017 in Melbourne, Victoria. VEXATION deliver a crushing mix of Death and Thrash Metal, screaming old school influence from bands like DEATH, PESTILENCE & SODOM. With a Polish of new school taking influence from REVOCATION and alike.

CHOOF's music sounds like their name, abrupt and harsh. Their feral, blackened hardcore is just downright mean and ugly. No frills, nothing fancy - just unhinged brutality and aggression with some sick crunchy riffs. CHOOF is for your ears what chewing broken glass is for your mouth. Or kinda similar to taking a swig of VB!

8pm. $15 entry at the door only.

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