8:00 pmSunday, 6 October 2019


The Toff

2nd Floor Curtin House 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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Monash Music Club (MMC) is a flourishing club originated from Monash, Caulfield campus. There are multiple events held by us throughout the year.

Organising the ‘Live Band Show’ (LBS) every semester is one of the traditions of MMC and it is also the biggest event MMC prepares for. This is our third time holding gigs. The theme is “Now”. We are looking forward to enjoying LIVE music and being absorbed in the moment. As youths, we hope to seize the moment and live life vigorously.

LBS 3.0 invites performers both within and outside of our club. The show includes various forms of performances. We‘ll have several groups on stage. Music styles which have been covered previously include rap, rock, pop, ACG, country folk, and heavy metal. The exuberance and vibrancy delivered by our enthusiastic performers are outstanding.

Wish to see you in our LBS this October the 6th (Sunday Night), which is the last day of mid-semester break! Why not come and have some fun?

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