Miles Recommends - Double Single Launch with Immy Owusu, Exquisitor, Jimmy Maddon


7:30 pmFriday, 10 May 2019


Mr. Boogie Man

160 Hoddle St, Abbotsford

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Miles Recommends deliver "a real breadth of sound and narrative, a welcome mix of melancholy and inspiration. With energetic instrumental and great vocals, Miles Recommends are a crowd pleaser in every way." - Happy Mag

Miles Recommends make "music that is a) not mainstream; b) meaningful; and c) unforgettable." - The Revue

"Their pop laden brand of folk-rock combined with their upbeat and energetic stage presence make fans of gig goers in no time." - Forte Magazine

9:00pm Immy Owusu

”How Owusu’s mind works is both ridiculous and deep.” - Nkechi Anele, Triple J Roots ‘n’ All

“Guaranteed to be one of the most unique and individual local sounds you’ve heard.” - Forte Magazine

8:00pm Exquisitor

Eyes and ears and mouth and nose... enough said.

7:30pm Jimmy Maddon

Heart breaker glam rock

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