Middle of Nowhere Festival feat: Arno Faraji, Fangz, Murmurmur, The Gurdies, Psychobabel, Clamm, The Spaghetti Stains & Bad//Dreems DJs [BANDROOM] Blussh (Brisbane) 'Shut Up Becky' EP Tour, Garlic Nun, Slugbucket [UPSTAIRS]


8:15 pmFriday, 11 October 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Beautiful artists coming together to share their music and love to raise money and awareness for homeless Asylum Seekers.


Yes it's true, Brisbane ratbag trio BLUSSH are escaping the local sewers and taking their trash noise on tour in anticipation of forthcoming EP “Shut Up Becky!” In their infantile 12 months these ladies have been working tirelessly spreading their stink all over town supporting the likes of These New South Whales, Press Club, Waxx Chattels, Fangz, Flangipanis and Being Jane Lane.

Following debut single “Just Like You”, Blussh have built a reputation as a live band not for the faint of heart; they’re fast, they’re mean, they’re frightening! Melting punk, grunge and riot grrrl flavours, BLUSSH embrace all things vile, the E.P Tour will be no exception; serving a hefty slice of rage, spit, mental breakdowns and big dongs.

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