Michael Graves - former lead singer of THE MISFITS


8:00 pmSaturday, 8 December 2018


Cherry Bar

68 Little Collins St, Melbourne

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MG entered the music scene as lead singer of THE MISFITS and was on a number of their hit albums ‘American Psycho’, ‘Static Age’ and ‘Famous Monsters’. He also wrote the hits Scream, American Psycho, Saturday Night, Shining, Witch Hunt etc! After leaving the band, he embarked on a successful solo career. He has also appeared in many acclaimed film projects including Bruiser, Campfire Stories and notably starring in Perkin 14.

MG has released a series of solo albums including ‘Vagabond’, ‘Lost Skeleton Returns’, ‘Vagabond Acoustic’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Wanderer’, ‘Zombies Unite’, ‘Wanderer Acoustic”, ’Drifter, ‘Revenge of the Zombies’ and he has just released a new monster rock album titled ‘When Worlds Collide’. Graves has also acted in several short films produced by Hydraulic Entertainment including Zombie, Half Human, Wanderer, Zombies and Ripper as well as producing a spoken word anthology Nightmares. Always evolving as an artist, Michale has performed within several genres as fans followed his instantly recognizable voice across five continents.

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