Merle Blanc / Dopplerhaus / SERF


7:30 pmSaturday, 2 July 2022


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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Inspired equally as much by the melancholic lyricism of Beach House and the frenetic stylings of Everything Everything, Merle Blanc drift from dreamy passages to driving riffs, tying everything together with thoughtful lyrics and catchy pop melodies.

Relentless hypnotic grooves are the name of the game for Dopplerhaus; feeling like an evolution of both disco and old-school krautrock yet fresh enough to sit alongside modern jam bands like SLIFT or Mildlife, their set will be over before you even realise it - feeling like both an instant and an eternity.

Close your eyes and imagine a place you went in your childhood but can't visualise - this is the mysterious sonic territory occupied by SERF. Equal parts psychedelic and early dream pop, Rory of SERF evokes stylings of bands like The Cure and Cocteau Twins to tap in to the nostalgia centres of your brain.

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