MAYA DREAMER - Album Launch, Great Rack and an Empty Club Reverb, Francis Plagne


7:00 pmThursday, 13 December 2018


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Maya-dreamer have released 2 albums over the last decade -Love Is Your Destiny- 'It’s baroque pop in the mode and scale of Burt Bacharach or Pet Sounds. The layers are as heady as the sentiments are sunny and hopeful (see the album title)". 
Doug Wallen, mess+noise
and the more experimental Light of the World 'like being at a meditation camp gone wrong'
'Beautiful melodies wrong footed by meandering chords, the arrangements are seductive and disorienting" Ross McLennan 
Maya-dreamer will perform new album in its entirety. This album has been in the works for the last 2 years it explores composer Martin Mackerras' musical obsessions- minimalism, slow chord music, vocal hocketing and harmonies, pocket symphonies, experimental pop/ rock and wanting to be the 'in house' band for a spiritual cult community. The 6 piece Maya- dreamer welcome new comers Jade Nye on vocals and saxophone and Aidan Miazels on bass, along with regulars Jo Abbot and Michelle Lam- keyboards, Daniel Brates- drums, Martin Mackerras -guitar and sampler and Gemma Horbury- projector. A performance by this band is very rare so try and get to this one!

Charting the territory between jazz and stand up comedy, Great rack and an empty club reverb is an existential tryst between Maria Moles (Mondo Flockard, Jaala), Reuben Lewis (I Hold the Lion’s Paw, Phonetic Orchestra), Marcos Villalta (Koi Kingdom, Ogopogo) and Emily Bennett (Nyash! Afrobeat Collective, Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde)

Francis Plagne will appear as a 3 piece - about his album Funeral Mutes-'Stripped back to essentials, this music plays tricks with the temporal compass. Funeral Mutes’ hermetic spirit might remind, in passing, of Mayo Thompson, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and/or Canterbury prog. Following singular logic, however, its gilded glide is all its own.’ - Jade Pillar, 2015

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