Max König, Gusto Gusto


8:00 pmThursday, 14 July 2022


Bar Oussou

653 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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“The saxophonist cuts a towering figure swaying back and forth, threading a rich mystical tapestry of ornamentations, blowing rapid fire, stream-of-consciousness improvisations.” Inspired by jazz giants and the great canon of Jewish and middle eastern music, Max König’s ensemble are a unique sound


Gusto Gusto is 'West Preston's Best Dressed Band', an eclectic mix of oddly Australian music with a hefty dose of self-deprecation.

Born from a love of Fanfare Ciocărlia, Radiohead and Brahms, Gusto Gusto play a mix of original music inspired by music from across this wide beautiful world.

Live shows see packed dance floors and exuberant crowds jumping to the onstage mix of accordions and clarinets and drums.

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