Matt Hoyne's Rootin' Tootin'


8:00 pmWednesday, 15 March


Brunswick Green

313 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Rootin’ Tootin’ play neither country or western however they ARE brashly and boisterously enthusiastic about making good music! The brainchild of guitarist Matt Hoyne, Rootin’ Tootin’ play Matt’s original music with spontaneity, good humour and a big love of African American and Australian jazz traditions.

Featuring some of Melbourne’s best improvisers, the music revolves around open compositional forms and specific rhythmic material designed to facilitate structural/thematic improvisation that relies less on genre-specific references and more on the culmination of voices in the ensemble. It will be swinging, a bit silly and a hoot of a time!


Eugene Ball - trumpet

Matt Hoyne - guitar

Paddy Fitzgerald - bass

Lewis Pierre - drums

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