Mario Broder TRIO


7:30 pmFriday, 15 April 2022


Open Studio

204 High Street, Northcote 3070

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After 11 years as a vocal with Funk’N Lata (between 2000 and 2003) and Farofa Carioca (from 2004 till nowadays), Mario Broder faces, with wit and talent, the challenge of releasing your first solo album as a singer and songwriter. And “Balanço Diferente” shows that it was worth the wait. At age 34, this carioca from the West Zone in Rio who started in music yet as child, liquefies your influences and experiences with an album that has samba as its basis, but it converses with inventiveness of the pop world.

Mario’s vocal timbre is very interesting, with references of a typical Rio rogue. Among his influences he emphasizes Tim Maia, Jorge Ben Jor, Luiz Melodia and Michael Jackson. Brazilian music has always been present at his home and Jabour neighborhood, where he grew up. “I used to see Hermeto Pascoal over there, since the street fair was placed on the street where he lived, people would explain right away that the one hairy and bearded albino ‘was a great musician all over the workd’. Also living there were Carlos Malta and Luiz Carlos Batera, of Banda Black Rio”, recalls Broder, who at age 06, got his first instrument, a flute.

He began singing at the neighborhood’s church and even considered becoming a priest: “Till when I noticed that my vocation was to be a musician, not a religious”. In his late teens, he consolidated his first band to play at night, incorporating doses of funk and soul to his repertoire. The group started to go beyond the borders of the West Zone and got to Ivo Meirelles’ ears, who at the year 2000, invited Mario Broder to take the satnd vocal of Funk’N Lata. Suddenly, night to day, the young boy from the carioca West Zone, began to go all over the world on international tours. Routine in which remained with Farofa Carioca.

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