Machine Age, Hot Glass, Dirt Hand


8:00 pmFriday, 1 November 2019


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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Machine Age are stepping forward with their debut album ‘Point Of Departure’ set for release on Friday, September 13, raising the high standard of songwriting and sonic experimentation the duo have held through critic-favorite singles Chivalry, Fighting and Dust, and delivering a project with the full creative scope of the undeniably talented pair.

To celebrate the release of ‘Point Of Departure’, Machine Age will set on a national tour with dates in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Gold Coast and Cairns.

The debut album has been a long time coming from Machine Age, front man Adrian Mauro has always had trouble saying goodbye and saying hello, and ‘Point Of Departure’ is a little bit of both.

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