LYDIA LUNCH 'Dust & Shadows' TOUR w. Black Cab (performing 'Suicide') + Hextape


7:30 pmSaturday, 6 July 2019


John Curtin Hotel

29 Lygon St, Carlton

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American singer, poet, writer and actress, LYDIA LUNCH returns to Australia. The Goth No-Wave Queen's spoken word show ”Dust & Shadows” is a unique combination of otherworldly textures, images and sound set to themes of loss, rage, revenge and survival. Haunting images of ghost towns littered throughout the Spanish desert and the lost lovers whose mysterious spectre seem to forever stalk the abandoned ruins are enhanced by video images of French visual artist Elise Passavant. Known for her collaborations with the likes of Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard, James Chance, The Birthday Party, Einsturzende Neubauten and Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch is a shape-shifting gypsy nomad who has uprooted her life to nurture her art more than twenty times in the past 40 years. On this very special night, local favourites Black Cab will be performing tracks from Suicide's first album - most likely never to be repeated.

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