Louise Terra with Anna Vortex, Sabina Maselli, Sissysocks UPSTAIRS Black Snake Whip, Nipple Chaffes, Le Pine BAND ROOM


7:00 pmTuesday, 5 February 2019



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Louise Terra Louise Terra crafts deliriously hooky electronic pop from layers of vocals, pounding rhythms and atmospheres of synthesizers. Gorgeous and unsettling, her music moves you from within rather than without as other “dance” music might. louiseterra.bandcamp.com soundcloud.com/louiseterra

Anna Vortex Anna Vortex makes post-apocalyptic dream pop. With a minimalist palette of keys, synth and voice, her quietly crafted songs build ominous moods that invoke both magic and mass destruction. http://soundcloud.com/annavortex

Sabina Maselli Sabina's expanded cinema performance uses image and sound both pre-recorded and live. Voice, electronics and manipulated images entangle in a state of hypnagogic flux.. http://www.sabinamaselli.com/sabina-maselli

Sissysocks Sissysocks trawls vocal and instrumental textures to create easy-listening goth meditations by cathedral light. The song “I’ll Die One Day” and its video from the upcoming third album, produced and mixed by James Cecil and mastered by David Walker, have just been released. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7POadYfr3gQ

Black Snake Whip have been cooking up a groovy prog-rock soup containing all the food groups; Rock, pop, punk, funk, jazz, sludge and surf are all mixed up with a healthy dollop of psychedelic flavours to create a wacky broth everyone can enjoy. Complimenting the main will be a special curation of fresh up and coming bands that are guaranteed to please.

So make the most of your Tuesday nights in Feb and get down to Gaso to catch one (or all¿) of these exciting lineups.

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