Lost Ragas


7:30 pmFriday, 28 January 2022


Brunswick Ballroom

314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

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LOST RAGAS Pioneering new realms of modern, psychedelic country sounds, Lost Ragas announce new live shows.

Showcasing tracks from their most recent album, This Is Not A Dream, a collection of stellar tunes showcasing the mastery of the band at a whole new level. Expect songs of cosmic flight, a psychedelic jungle, imprisoned men and boxing legends, and dance amongst the wild guitars and interstellar pedal steel. Lost Ragas have become infamous on the Melbourne scene, and their electrifying live shows are something to behold.

The band was born a few years back when Matt Walker was touring his album In Echoes Of Dawn. A solo recording which he then wished to expand on, in live performance.

Enter Shane Reilly. The two crossed paths while playing with Tex Perkins and discovered that in down time on the road they would sit around jamming and writing songs. Both bringing their swag of swagger to the coffee table to produce something entirely new. A notable element of the live show is the guitar interplay between the two and the sparks that fly once they hit the stage.

On bass is Roger Bergodaz who has been a long time friend and collaborator of Matt and Shane's...Although known as a first class drummer it is worth mentioning that Roger chose to play bass in this band, and once he placed his note, who could argue?

Finally on the tubs there is Haydn Meggitt. Playing a slow burn groove while singing harmonies as sweet as a bird. Haydn joined the line up for the bands most recent album, taking over from original drummer Simon Burke.

As all members of Lost Ragas individually work with an impressive roster of other bands, it is needless to say that when the planets align and they find themselves on the road together again, it is cause for rejoice.

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