LONI RAE THOMSON, FOOTY, CHEESIE PLAY Upstairs Polish Club 'Get Some Clarity' - Launch, Heaps Good Friends, Sweater Curse


7:30 pmThursday, 13 December 2018



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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LONI RAE THOMSON is a seasoned performer and songwriter who has called both Melbourne and Berlin home in recent years. She embodies heartfelt and emotion-provoking lyricism, while her music comes laced with the influences of a diverse musical background. Her recently released single ‘On My Own’ has the type of nuance and vulnerability behind it that fans of Feist and Sharon Van Etten recognise and love. See her in full band mode bringing it all to life on stage at The Gaso.

'Clarity' is the first taste of the Sydney drums-guitar duo's second album, currently under construction at The Grove Studios near Gosford. From glam-slamming guitar riffs to one of the most insane drum fills of all time, it's a soul-funk party starter with a dark undertow that won't, ever, leave you alone.

"It's still basically just me on drums and Novak on guitar and vocals," drummer John-Henry says, "but we've found ourselves writing music with more layers, more parts. We're spending a lot more time thinking about songs and about recording. It's definitely a different process to the last album."

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