LIZZIE JEAN with Hayley Crymble [upstairs] Sydney Miller x Orange Orange Residency Theo+heff & Blue Belly [bandroom]


7:00 pmWednesday, 22 June 2022



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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LIZZIE JEAN is an Australian singer/songwriter/guitarist from Melbourne whos music explores pop/electropop/alternative & indie vibes.
She is an artist at 22 years of age, but started songwriting at around 14, writing her own songs inspired by favourite pop & alternative artists. Biggest inspirations range from artists such as Taylor Swift, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, MARINA, Lana Del Rey to The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, The 1975, Amy Winehouse and many more. “Song writing is so essential in my life because people haven’t always been here for me or understood what I was going through, so I write it in a song”.
With a love for alternative fashion and art, she loves to embrace differences and celebrate individuality, and plans on recording & releasing many more songs in the future.


“23 year old Sydney Miller from Melbourne is paving the way for a new and vibrant sound in her solo, self-titled act. Whilst comparable to alt- and electro- pop genres, Sydney’s production style has earned early praise for its accomodation to a diverse range of musical tastes - complemented by powerful vocals and contemplative lyrics and melodies to intertwine.”

"Orange Orange has been a vessel for powerful, boundless songwriting and musicianship, created and headed by young independent artist Ryan Basile. Music that began as a creative exploration of production quickly became a pursuit into the future of indie-pop, with Ryan borrowing elements of electronica, folk, punk and rock to innovate with tightly-knit, memorable music."

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