Live Cuts with OK EG, Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs + Daniel Pisano


7:30 pm-11:00 pmSaturday, 11 December 2021


The Toff

2nd Floor Curtin House 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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The programme is recorded, with each act selecting one song from their performance to be mixed, mastered and pressed onto a vinyl that is sent out exclusively to the attendees of the night. The programme is split across two nights, with tickets sold to each night individually.

OK EG - OK EG is the project of Matthew Wilson and Lauren Squire. Having captured the ears of tasteful club selectors with their first two trippy, deep, expansive club-focused records, the duo shifted gears for their third and most recent release. Intertidal Zone, completed during the bushfire crisis of 2020, the record is deeply rooted in the Australian landscape and is, in many ways, a response to the loss of wildlife and habitat due to the catastrophe. Reflective, beautiful and immersive, the record evokes solastalgia and reverence for nature.

Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs - Sydney duo Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs create meditative music, a reflection of the duo's rare ability to absorb a vast array of sonic dispositions and ideas and arrange them into graceful ambient compositions, rich in both emotion and growth. Their compositions are thoughtfully constructed, incorporating atmospheric soundscapes and vocal samples resulting in music that is abounding in its grasp of the Australian landscape and is extremely affecting in a live performance.

Daniel Pisano: The head behind the Rhapsodise parties, the From Within... mix series and the In Full Bloom program on Skylab. One of the cities most dedicated diggers, Daniel brings class and taste to each selection

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