Littlefoot - Album Launch, Slugbucket, Big League, Sophomore [UPSTAIRS] Low Life 'Downer Edn' Album Launch,Straightjacket Nation, Ying Li Hooi & Tarquin Manek, The Snakes, Voice Imitator, A/S/L [BANDROOM]


7:30 pmFriday, 17 May 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Low Life’s long-time-coming follow up to cult classic Dogging is a triumph in the face of life’s shit. Downer Edition might as well give comedy and tragedy and songwriting credit. There is a palpable current throughout this album which is rare to find elsewhere in music but not rare to find in Sydney - that cloud of discontent and danger that you notice between the old takeaway shop and the pokies venue in the the sketchy part of town; but which actually lurks everywhere if you look for it. A record full of hits about the misses.

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